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All terrain suitability

New improved design for 2019 with better soles, hand stitching and durable materials means you can take your Carbons anywhere with you.

Natural thermal insulator

We use real sheeps wool in our boots. Wool traps the air between its fibres and this ensures you stay warm in the cold and cool in the heat.

100% money back guarantee

If you are dissatisfied with your purchase for any reason you may return the product to Carbon South Africa™ within 14 days of delivery and will be entitled to a a full refund in rand value for any payments made for merchandise.

Why Choose Real Sheeps Wool?

Wool is a “wonder-fibre” and science has yet to produce a fibre with all the properties of wool

Getting your shoe size right

Carbon SA Boot Sole

Our boots are based on the UK measurements. When you purchase from us you must confirm that you have measured your foot in the following way to ascertain your boot size: 1) Put foot on a ruler or tape measure with the zero mm point starting at the edge of the heel. 2) You must just be able to see the zero mark if looking at it while the ruler is under your foot. 3) Measure the distance from your heel to your longest toe. 4) Compare that measurement to our sizing chart.

Our Raw Materials

Real Sheep Wool Used in our boots

Ethics – where do we get the raw materials for Carbons from?
The question regarding the sourcing of raw materials for our sheepskin Carbons™ is an important one. We admire and value our concerned customers. The natural materials we use are industry by-products of sheep used for the production of food. We do not condone the slaughter of animals simply for their skins and only buy leather from reputable tanneries that follow our ethos.

Customer Reviews

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I ordered the boots online, after asking several questions about sizing and delivery from Gavin and the team. The boots were delivered by courier within 2 days of payment, and although they were a tight fit at first, they soon loosened to a more comfortable level, which Gavin said would be the case. So, I have been wearing them for weeks now through the Johannesburg winter, and they have been a pleasure for my feet. I am very happy with the comfort and look of the product. I can certainly recommend the boots. – Phillip


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Delivery throughout South Africa

Please allow up to 10 working days for manufacture of your custom boots.

Free Shipping

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