How will I know that my new sheep wool boots will fit?

UK SizemmMeasure
3205mm – 215mmHeel to longest toe
4216mm-225mmHeel to longest toe
5226mm-235mmHeel to longest toe
6236mm-245mmHeel to longest toe
7246mm-250mmHeel to longest toe
8251mm – 260mmHeel to longest toe
9261mm – 270mmHeel to longest toe
10271mm – 275mmHeel to longest toe
11276mm – 285mmHeel to longest toe
12286mm – 295mmHeel to longest toe
13296mm – 305mmHeel to longest toe
14306mm – 310mmHeel to longest toe

Our boots are based on the UK measurements. This chart is for both Male & Female.

Measure the length from your heel to longest toe to determine the correct size

When your measurements are close to a borderline you may wish to consider a smaller size to allow for wool compression over time.

The circumference of the calf section is proportioned to the shoe size ranging from 300mm to 480mm, should your calves exceed 480mm then please contact us to make you a custom pair.

The initial fit should be snug or just right. To help speed up the stretching process, wear thicks socks for a day, then move back to normal socks.