Whether you’re preparing an exotic dish or spicing up a cheese toastie, ChilliWorks liven’s things up in the kitchen. ChilliWorks is proud to supply a product that is sugar & preservative free contains no additional filling ingredients or additives. Our philosophy of “It’s all in the pepperation” & “just try it” rings very true, once you have tasted their beyond awesome Chilli you will be hooked for life!

So go on & just Try it!!!!!!!!!!!

All products must be refrigerated and can last for 3 months in your fridge.
You can also Freeze Chilliworks and decant it into small jars when needed.
Once you have bought a jar, you will be addicted, we suggest you purchase a 1 Litre Glass Jar as it is better value for money.

260ml Glass Jar
1 Litre Glass Jar
1 Litre Plastic tub