Product Details

95% THC distillate in a 1gm , refillable cartridge. Available in 6 strains.

Alien Blue: Fruity and Sweet. The high will have you floating. it’s a musky sweet smelling strain which creates a calming high, allowing muscles to relax with a light euphoria

Clementine: Earthy and Sweet. Provides an experience of energy, focus and talkativeness. Good for social events, exercise and fun times

Laughing gas: Pungent and distant Sweetness.Powerful fuel aroma.Stimulating and happy effects.Giggly, as the name suggests
Sour Pez: Sour Fruit with pungent herb and spice undertones.Euphoric and talkative followed by a hazy head high and sleepiness
Skywalker: Earthy , woody, nutty. Relaxing effect , also uplifted and euphoric. Decreases stress and pain.Best for night time
Blue Dream: Sweet Berries, Calm Euphoria