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It began in the late 90’s when two students set off to see the world.

Their first stop was Cape Town in South Africa. After touching down they were greeted by perfect azure oceans and silky white beaches, set against the perfect backdrop of the iconic Table Mountain. With its perfect weather, affordability and the energy and excitement that pervaded the city, Cape Town was an all encompassing destination that they would reminisce about for years to come.

To escape the bustle of central Cape Town they began exploring some of the many hiking trails that weave their way through the magnificent local mountain ranges, experiencing some of the unique flora, fauna and animal life.

After the perfect introduction to this wonderful country they began moving up the east coast towards the beautiful Transkei. Passing the famous Jeffrey’s Bay along the way, they eventually came across a talented artisan on the outskirts of Oyster Bay.

Sheep’s wool boots were well known back then but they had never seen such a unique way of creating this boot. These boots  were considerably stronger and clearly built for the harsh African terrain, with quality in mind. They saw an opportunity to spread the work of this local trader and began a network which has enabled this sheep’s wool boot to be available to a much wider audience, both nationally and internationally.

As time has past the company and boot designs have evolved, but the one thing that has never changed is the focus on maintaining the highest quality boot. It is this factor along with fresh designs, unique colouring and defining patterns that have set them apart.

Today this product is known as Carbon South Africa Footwear, an authentic product proudly handmade by South Africans from South African raw materials. Carbon SA™ boots are made up of genuine locally sourced sheep’s wool surrounded by thick natural suede with durable rubber soles. These natural materials result in a perfect Carbon™ boot which lets your feet breath in the the local mediterranean summers whilst, conversely, keeping your toes warm in the much colder winter months.

These boots are proudly produced in South Africa, using South African skills and materials.

Carbon SA Boot Sole

Carbon SA™ Soles

Thick Real South African Long Hair Wool

Mystique Carbons™ 2019 Range

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